Alternative options to the standard keyboard and mouse

Last week I had the opportunity to present to G12 and we discussed some alternative options over the standard keyboard and mouse which are given away for free with most computers. The free ones work, but given the amount of time most of us spend typing and mousing, it’s well worth investing a little time and money in something better.

Think of it like your wife has a Vauxhall Corsa on the drive you can use for free. Perfectly fine. But your work takes you all over the place, so you’d be wanting something larger, more comfortable and refined to enable you to do the best work. I won’t  list options here, the best way to know what is the best solution for you is to drive it, and we have products available for you to do just that.
Now you’ve spoken to an expert in their field (the bloke who sold you that laptop is not an expert in ergonomics) and you have the correct equipment, we need to think about how to place it. You could have the best chair, height adjustable desk and accessories, but if they’re not set up correctly, you’ll likely still feel some discomfort. Here again, the expert in his field is invaluable.

At Backworld, I like to personally deliver every chair I sell, talk the user through the controls, and help them set it up so that they get the best from it. I don’t charge for this, it’s all part of the service. So while the headline price of that ergonomic wonder on Amazon might make it look like a bargain, chances are, it really isn’t.
Take a look at the lady in the picture. Notice how every part of her is supported. The armrests are under her elbow, wrists resting on the table, not craning her neck to see the monitor.
If you’re using your desk for half an hour to send family updates to your auntie in Melbourne, you probably don’t need to worry too much about this. But if you are going to sit all day and work, make sure it’s right. You wouldn’t drive a car without adjusting the set up, think the same way of your workstation.

Aeris Swopper Review

I recently had the pleasure of introducing the Aeries Swopper Office Stool into my workspace following a review by Paul at Backworld, and the impact has been nothing short of transformative. As someone who spends long hours at a desk, comfort and ergonomics are paramount, and the Swopper has exceeded all expectations. So what is so great about it?

Design and Build:

The Swopper’s design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional. The build quality is outstanding, reflecting the brand’s commitment to durability and longevity. The sleek, modern look effortlessly blends into my office space.

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Dynamic Seating:

What sets the Aeries Swopper apart is its dynamic seating experience. The flexibility and range of motion it provides have significantly alleviated the discomfort associated with prolonged sitting. The ability to swivel, bounce, and tilt has made my work hours more engaging and less sedentary.

Ergonomic Excellence:

The Swopper’s ergonomic design aligns perfectly with the natural movements of the body. It promotes active sitting, reducing the strain on my back and promoting better posture. The customizable height adjustment ensures that it accommodates users of various heights seamlessly.

Comfort Beyond Expectations:

The seat cushion is a game-changer. It strikes the perfect balance between softness and support. Even during the longest work sessions, I find myself experiencing a level of comfort that I never thought possible from a stool.

Versatility in Use:

Whether I’m working at my desk, participating in Zoom meetings, or simply taking a moment to brainstorm, the Swopper effortlessly adapts to my movements. It’s not just a stool; it’s a dynamic companion that enhances my overall work experience.


The Aeries Swopper has redefined my expectations of office seating. Personally, I think that it’s more than just a stool; it’s a proactive investment in my well-being and productivity. If you’re seeking an office seating solution that prioritizes comfort, functionality, and health, the Aeries Swopper is the answer so speak to Paul at Backworld as I’m more than happy to wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to revolutionize their workspace.

I recently bought an Aeries Swopper Office stool from Paul for use in my workspace, and the impact has been nothing short of transformative. As someone who spends long hours at a desk, comfort and ergonomics are paramount, and the Swopper has exceeded all expectations. I listened to Paul’s recommendations throughout the buying process and his helpful advice and the showroom where I could try out various stools until I found the one I liked was superb. I cannot recommend Backworld highly enough, if you need help and advice on the best seating or desk options, you need to speak to Paul.

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